DANCOM TT&L Telecommunications (M) Sdn Bhd puts a lot of effort into what they do, even more so when it comes to charitable initiatives. The company’s own club, powered by its staff, always makes charity a part of their activities to give back to society, no matter how big or small the event.

When a call to help the less fortunate through the #DaretoCare campaign was brought to their attention, members of the club spared no time to see it through. They gathered bags of food items both into the #DaretoCare brown paper bags as well as their company’s own recyclable carriers.

The company’s senior general manager SP Lim said they encourage the spirit of giving among staff. “In business, if you want to be a good employee or leader, we believe one of the most important values to have is the ability to touch the hearts of others.” He said as a stakeholder in the community, everyone has a responsibility to try and take care of the welfare of others.

“I think the #DaretoCare tagline is simple and memorable; you take a small but bold step to care for others,” Lim pointed out. He said a movement like this can have a multiplier effect. “The effect is bigger when 100 people come together to do something small than perhaps one person doing one big thing,” he noted. Lim said he hopes to see initiatives like this continuing among corporations, as well as to start among the young. “There is a need to spread awareness of doing charity at the school level, and it will become habitual for children when this culture is instilled as part of their education.”

#DaretoCare is a joint charity initiative championed by Star Media Group and SkyWorld Development Group to address the needs of welfare homes in Malays