The Dancom Group started with Dancom Telecommunications (M) Sdn Bhd back in 1985 as a major provider of

First Generation
Dancall Cellular Handphone
in Malaysia

Then, the cellular phone was at its infant stage with the national telecommunication operator, Telekom Malaysia Berhad, having just implemented the ATUR system. The phenomenal growth and development of the cellular phone from then until now, closely mirrors the dynamic progression of Dancom itself, which started out as the provider of the renowned Dancall cellular phones.


Our Vision

Our corporate vision is to be a leading market-orientated company providing quality telecommunication and IT solutions so as to add value to the customers, principals, employees and shareholders of the company.

Our Culture

At Dancom, we inculcate the corporate culture of partnership involvement at all levels between the Company & Stakeholders: Contractors, Customers, Principals & Suppliers, Employees & Marketing Network

Our Values

As a company, which takes pride in being a caring corporate citizen, Dancom practices the following Value System: Trusting, Fairness, Give & Take Attitude, Win-Win Combination and Care & Share

BOD & Senior Management

As in any other business, the Group believes that its continual success will depend to a significant extent upon the abilities, skills, experience, competency and continuous efforts of its existing Directors and management team. The Group is headed by Datuk Liu Thim Soon who has been in the telecommunications and IT solutions industry for more than twenty years. He is supported by an experienced Board of Directors and assisted by an experienced, dedicated and dynamic professional management team. The Group will strive to continue attracting and retaining qualified and experienced personnel which is essential towards maintaining the high performance standard of the Group.

The management of Dancom Group is spearheaded by its Group Managing Director, Datuk Liu Thim Soon and comprises members of the Board and a team of dedicated and experienced professionals. A brief profile of the key individuals comprising the management team is as follows:

Chairman – Dato’ Dr. Tengku Rethwan Bin Tengku Manso

Dato’ Dr. Tengku Rethwan Bin Tengku Mansor, a Malaysian, is the Group Chairman of Dancom Group of Companies.  He is an important source of support and encouragement for Dancom Group. Teamwork, dedication, honesty and driving force are part and parcel of his ingredients for success in business. He is refined in his ways and beliefs that exemplify to others his actions in a positive manner.

At the same time he is also Director of diverse companies with business interests in property development, construction, auto industry, telecommunication, tourism, education, media and publishing as well as in distribution and trading.

He holds a Degree in Medicine and Master Degree in Business Administration, both from the University of Malaya as well as a Bachelor of Law from the University of London.

Director – Datuk Liu Thim Soon

Datuk Liu Thim Soon, a Malaysian, is the Group Managing Director of Dancom Group of Companies.

He began his career in 1973 with Kuala Lumpur branch of Japanese conglomerate Mitsui & Co. After more than a decade of involvement in international trade at Mitsui, he went into partnership manufacturing carpets under the company, Carpets & Rugs Industries (M) Sdn Bhd in 1983. After gaining the sole distributorship of Dancall cellular phones in 1986, he then left Carpets & Rugs Industries (M) Sdn Bhd.

He holds a professional qualification in marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK. He also holds an MBA (Finance) from the University of Hull, UK. He was instrumental in the founding of Dancom Group, gained sole distributorship, secured and built up acceptance of the sought-after cellular phone brand Dancall of Denmark.

Essentially, over the years, through the leadership and management of Datuk Liu Thim Soon, the Dancom Group has benefited from the rapid growth in the telecommunications and IT industry. Due to his foresight and success of his strategic plans, he has led Dancom Group to be a leading player in the provision of telecommunications and IT products and services in the local and international arena.

Director – Tengku Daud Shah bin Tengku Adnan

Tengku Daud Shah Bin Tengku Adnan, a Malaysian, is the Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of Dancom Group of Companies.

He is an up-and-coming entrepreneur who hails from a family of great entrepreneurs. Tengku Daud Shah brings to Dancom Group the exuberance and boldness of youth. He sets a benchmark, example and gives inspiration to the young new generation. His area of interests and expertise is in monitoring new trends in the IT and computer fields.

Senior Management – Lee Chee Seng

Lee Chee Seng joined the Dancom Group in May 2015 and is currently the General Manager of Dancom Systems Sdn Bhd, a company providing infrastructure rollout and project management services in the Telecommunications industry in Malaysia.  He holds the MBA and BBA degrees from The University of Georgia and Iowa State University respectively.  Over a period of more than 26 years, his experience have spanned predominantly in the fields of IT (in areas of consultancy, systems integration, applications implementation & design and project rollout & management) and Telco (in areas of operations, service rollout and project management).

Senior Management – Lim See Peng

Lim See Peng, a Malaysian, is the General Manager of the Dancom TT&L Telecommunications (M) Sdn Bhd. He holds an MBA, BSc Hons, Diploma HRM and Certificate in Corporate Planning & Strategic Management and is multi-lingual and versatile with extensive experience in industry such as FMCG, Oil and Gas, Time Sharing and Finance.

He is heading the business operations for Distribution Division. His expertise is in the areas of Strategic Management, Sales and Distribution, Merchandising, Brand Adoption & Consumer Engagement, Talent Management and Team Dynamics.

He has over 25 years of experience working in the MNC environment both at the market and also the Regional HQs level. His experience was further enriched by his many years working as expatriate in Hong Kong for a Fortune 500 FMCG company, and in the capacity of Planning for the Asia Pacific Region and in Singapore as the Head of Human Resources.


Awards & Achievements

Quality Control Procedures or Quality Management Programmes Dancom Group is committed to provide quality telecommunication and IT products and services so as to add value to the customers, principals, employees and shareholders of the Company.

Research & Development

The Dancom Group participates in technology transfer programs with its principals who besides providing the products and equipment, also provides operational assistance, technical staff training and advise on market trends and development.

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